10 Insane Suicide Squad Moments The Sequel Won’t Show You

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With the current trailer we have for the next Suicide Squad film, one thing is sure: when this movie comes out, we’re in for a well and truly wild time, if not hopefully the redemption of the big screen side of the series after the controversial reception to the first instalment.

However, even if the flick turns out to be the wall to wall gore and action festivity many of us are hoping for, there are still a ton of moments from the comics that are simply too wild to feature on the silver screen.

The series doesn’t push boundaries in the way that The Boys or The Walking Dead does, but it certainly provides its fair share of weirdness. Combining such a strange assortment of characters into one team inevitably creates a whole bunch of moments that simply couldn’t happen anywhere, the Squad has featured everything from exploding children to someone performing brain surgery on themselves.

The series can be weird, unsettling, and sometimes downright gross – but the brighter moments are only all the more endearing because they come from the same bunch of weirdos that turned your stomach only two minutes prior.

1. Exploding Robo-Children

Though the new Suicide Squad looks sure to bring countless wonderfully gory and gross deaths throughout its run, there are certain lines most of us hope it’ll avoid – just to keep the lighter tone of the film.

One such line is the death of children, which makes for uncomfortable viewing every time – with the lone exception being the death of Joffrey in Game of Thrones.

So, when the Suicide Squad encounter what seem like innocent children, but what turn out to be “poppers” – genetically engineered to explode in dramatic fashion.

The concerning part is, while it is suggested they’re maybe robots or otherwise creatures that aren’t kids, they… sure seem to act and look like children, which makes the scene more than a little messed up.

As such, maybe it’s worth keeping the explosions to grown adults (and grown sharks) instead of kids.

2. Harley Fights The Joker’s Daughter

The Joker’s Daughter is one of the weirder new villains in DC history – and that’s saying something, given we also got Professor Pyg and Flamingo not too long ago.

Despite what the name suggests, we have no idea who this villain actually is, as she’s claimed to be both the Joker and Two-Face’s child (though not at the same time, because that’s a topic left to fanfiction).

Needless to say though, because of her fixation with Mr. Jay, she doesn’t get on with his former lover Harley, made worse by Quinn’s insistence in explaining how much the Clown Prince of Crime is both a terrible dude, and a terrible role model.

This leads to the pair getting in a borderline inevitable fight, which is as brutal as it is thoroughly entertaining. However, because the Joker’s Daughter is sort of a weird character to introduce and explain, she’ll likely be sitting out of this one – especially since her plot line sort of requires the jester to not currently have skin on his face (it’s a long story).

3. The Team Almost Kill Superman

It’s massively unsurprising that the Suicide Squad have clashed with many heroes in their time on the printed page. They are still bad guys, after all, and often the tasks Waller is sending them to do are at least kind of illegal, if not outright violations of the Geneva Code.

Usually, though, this equals a brief unpleasant interaction with Batman, and not an outright team versus team fight with the Justice League against the Suicide Squad.

While you’d expect that this scenario would just become the heroes beating down on the villains-slash-anti-heroes, the Squad manage something seemingly almost impossible: killing Superman.

Killer Frost uses her ability to take all the heat out of something to basically freeze Supes half to death. Though he’d come back to normal thanks to Killer Frost undoing some of her damage (and because Waller didn’t want the spaceman dead), it was still a phenomenally shocking moment for all who read it.

Since we’re still at a point where the DCEU needs to keep establishing Supes as no pushover, it’s probably wise to leave this fight out of the film world for now.

4. Poison Ivy Becomes A Dictator

The name Poison Ivy brings to mind two things in most people’s minds; saving the environment, and wearing as few clothes as morally possible while saving the environment. If you read the Widening Gyre, you might also think of weed too, but that’s low hanging fruit when it comes to Pamela Isley.

The last think you’d think of – or ever expect her to do – is that she would move to a country named Vlatava, briefly consider (and become) dictator, and then fob it off when it seemed too much like hard work.

Okay, so it does sound like something she would totally do – it’s just a little unexpected. Especially because this all goes down when Pamela is sent on a mission to supposedly rescue another Squad member, Count Vertigo – who she instead uses her powers to keep under her control, in a decidedly creepy plot line.

Poison Ivy is perhaps too big a potential future DCEU villain to be used quite yet – and it’s deeply unlikely that the film would be able to dedicate time to this surreal plot that’s explicitly stated to have been stolen from the 1970s musical Evita.

5. Waller Vs. Obama

The 44th President of the USA, Barack Obama, is no strange to appearing in the world of comics. He had not only met Spider-Man, but also featured in his own series – which is perhaps not quite as good a brag as having been president, but it’s certainly up there.

However, his experience in the world of Detective Comics certainly was a little different to other features. This is because, when the man featured in Suicide Squad, he did so to have a massive argument with Amanda Waller instead.

It’s an interesting scene, but one that is more than a little impeded by the voice in the back of your head that keeps you reminding you that one of these two comic characters is actually a real politician.

While it’d certainly be entertainingly out of left field to see Obama rock up in the film, it’s maybe a better idea to pass over his inclusion.

6. Harley Reunites With The Joker(‘s Disembodied Face)

Anyone who thinks that Harley should be back with the Joker has likely missed one very crucial detail – she’s way more entertaining when the two have split up. And way more unhinged.

Case in point; when Harley wants to have closure with her former Puddin’, having found his sawn off face skin (it’s a long story), she places it over the understandably concerned Deadshot, and proceeds to have one of the most surreal conversations ever with him.

Although this is a simply unforgettable Harley moment, it’s unlikely to see the big screen quite yet, as the film universe’s Joker still has a face, and seems unlikely to lose it in the course of the sequel’s events. We can always hope, though.

7. The Suicide Squad Befreind The Banana Splits

Historically, DC has pulled off some frankly hilariously wild crossovers almost unsettlingly well. Batman has fought both Alien and Predator; the Joker has hung out with Daffy Duck. Hell, they even managed to feature KFC’s own Colonel Sanders in a legitimate story centred around him and still have it be interesting instead of just plain gimmicky.

However, the weirdest crossover still by far has to be that of the Suicide Squad matching wits with the Banana Splits – a band comprised of anthropomorphic animals.

Now, you may perhaps remember this cast from the TV show that aired throughout the 60s, or otherwise the horror film created afterwards to ruin any happy childhood memories anyone had of the franchise. So, to see them come back so many years later not only in a totally different form of media, but also as an edgy, willing-to-kill band was… a little unexpected, to say the least.

The new Suicide Squad film seems like it’ll have some unexpected moments – but maybe not quite this expected.

8. Croc And Enchantress Get It On

If you’ve never read the Suicide Squad comics, then brace yourself for a wild, wild fact. You ready? Ok.

Here’s the thing: Killer Croc and Enchantress have totally boned in the comics. Like, more than once. It was a thing for a good while.

Now, strictly speaking, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this – as both are consenting adults, who clearly had some pretty strong feelings for one another.

However, the fact the whole thing is actually sweet only makes it weirder. By all means, seeing Killer Croc get his swampy rocks off should be at least sort of unsettling, but it’s actually undeniably endearing – which might mean you have to reevaluate a fair few things, largely in relation to crocodilian furries.

9. Zod’s Self-Inflicted Lobotomy

When Zod joined the Suicide Squad, we all knew it wasn’t going to be a permanent position. When someone is Superman’s long term nemesis, you know they’re good at dealing with tricky situations – like not getting punched in the face by Superman.

Though Amanda Waller managed to control the General by placing a Kryptonite bomb in his brain that would kill him if she detonated it, which did complicate the matter. After all, she made it clear it had been placed in with utmost care, and thus nothing short of a medical professional with hours of time and a careful hand and scalpel could counter it.

Or, as it turns out, Zod, a mirror, and the useful ability of laser eyes. Proving he’d stop at nothing to be a free man, Zod performed brain surgery on himself, using his laser vision to cut into his skull and brain in order to remove the bomb.

Not only is it unlikely that Zod would be used in the film, it’s also unlikely that they’d show something quite as gross as a slow, brutal brain surgery in it.

10. Yo-Yo Lives

Of all the various long-suffering members of the Suicide Squad, Yo-Yo probably ends up with it the worst – despite appearing for way, way less issues than the vast majority of his teammates.

This is because, early into his appearance in the series, he is eaten whole by King Shark. Naturally, because in the real world people who are eaten (generally) stay dead, you assume the same has happened to Yo-Yo, and that this was game over for him.

In actual fact, though, he is alive, which is much, much worse. The poor elastic powered hero spends issue upon issue trapped inside King Shark, being steadily dissolved by his stomach acid.

As you might imagine, when he finally gets free, he’s not exactly best pleased – but goddamn if it doesn’t make for one of the best plot twists in comic history.

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